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We have been involved in the development and delivery of the advocacy qualifications since their inception in 2007 through to their launch in 2009.  Kate and her team have contributed to every revision including writing the latest addition (unit 313 Providing Advocacy under the Care Act).  We understand these qualifications inside out and know what support will help you progress quickly and smoothly.

We are continually improving what we do and believe that how we deliver the qualifications is the best way to support advocates think carefully about their practice.  We are committed to using the assessment process as an opportunity to improve advocacy practice – not just as a paper wasting exercise.

Choose Kate Mercer Training to help you develop the right skills to provide the very best of advocacy support.

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  • We are a totally independent advocacy training provider. We do not and will not deliver advocacy services.  This means we will not be tendering for contracts in your area.
  • We only use trainers and assessors who can walk the walk. We believe in the value of experience and you will only ever be trained and assessed by people who understand the power and value of advocacy – as well as understanding the challenges on the ground.
  • We are committed to giving you the very best experience. We want to have an ongoing relationship with all of our learners and work hard to support your practice.

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