Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy

Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy

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About the Course


The IMCA training course prepares advocates who will be delivering IMCA support and representation.

It is ideal for people employed or looking to take on the IMCA role – or people who simply want to learn more about IMCA.

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Learning Plan

  • When is an IMCA appointed |
    Learn when IMCA’s must be instructed to support and represent a person, including how the introduction of advocates within the Care Act will affect the instruction of IMCAs within Safeguarding processes and Care Reviews.

  • The IMCA role |
    Explore in detail the IMCA role within change of accommodation and serious medical treatment decisions.

  • Working with people who lack capacity |
    Looking at how to provide advocacy support and representation to a person who cannot instruct the advocate or does not have capacity to make the decision.

Class Venue

International Hall, Lansdowne Terrace, London

It was absolutely brilliant!  Can’t wait for the next one!

I was really impressed with the day, the tutor was very knowledgeable and involved everyone.  I will definitely be recommending this course to my colleagues

I absolutely loved the conference Kate and felt inspired by the end of it. What it did do for me was remind me somehow of why I actually went into advocacy in the first place (sometimes we seem to get so caught up on managerial things, policies and procedures etc that we can lose the person behind it all whether that be staff or service user). I felt that all the speakers spoke from the heart, they were clearly passionate about their roles and that was great. I found the whole day really enjoyable.

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