Topics in 2017 for us to explore

We love advocacy.  And we love celebrating everything great about it and every time advocates do something well.

But we believe in better.

So within this section we will explore areas and topics that we believe the advocacy field should be more focused on in 2017.

Where are all the advocacy referrals?

We have produced these flow charts to help people understand duties and responsibilities to refer to Independent Advocacy.  We will be giving away free A2 copies of these at the National Conference (as if you needed another reason to join us).

Lighthouses and Rocks – stuff advocates should really know

This short guide provides a basic overview of key things advocates must know and use if they are to be the lighthouse that protects peoples rights from being smashed on the rocks.  Ideal for new advocates – but also experienced advocates who want a refresher.

Advocate Provocateur

Given the smorgasbord of advocacy on offer, you would be forgiven for thinking things had never been better within the sector. Yet we wonder if the reality is somewhat different with people not accessing advocacy as easily as they should, and when they do get an advocate we want to ask ‘are advocates being as effective as they should be?’ Here, we look at three areas where we believe advocacy is failing: the lack of referrals, lack of supported decision making and the lack of challenging decisions.

Advocates and Challenging Decisions

Is there an apathy within advocacy which means we shy away from challenging decisions that need to be challenged?

Download supporting Food for Thought   Have we lost the art of challenging decisions

Advocates and Report writing

Are advocates losing the art of report writing?  Have they become so watered down they lack punch? Are we writing enough of them?

Download supporting Food for Thought  Advocates and Report writing.

Advocates and Systemic Advocacy

As an advocate do you use systemic advocacy as a way to change the way health and care services are delivered?  If not, here is an introduction into what it is.

Download supporting Food for Thought Systemic Advocacy

Download your free flowcharts here

Download Lighthouse and rocks here

Download Advocate Provocateur here

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